American Splendor

an instant theatre production
in association with
Jeff Murray and Theatre/Theater

written and directed by
Vince Waldron

based on stories by
Harvey Pekar

performed by Richard Kuhlman
Siobhan Fallon
Monica Horan
David O'Shea
Rich Reetz
Steve Sheridan
Andy Wilson

Dan Castellaneta
as Harvey Pekar

associate producer
David A. Goodman

opened at Hollywood's Theatre/Theater on September 29, 1990
closed September 28,1991


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About the Playwright



American Splendor on stage

With Hollywood's adaptation of Harvey Pekar's quirky saga of everyday life now playing on a DVD player near you, we offer a look at the celebrated stage play that first introduced Cleveland's favorite son to tinseltown's movers and shakers.

Dan Castellaneta takes stage as Harvey Pekar in American Splendor, director/writer Vince Waldron's acclaimed look at the life and times of Cleveland's blue-collar man of letters.

The cast (clockwise from left): Siobhan Fallon, Richard Kuhlman, David O'Shea, Andy Wilson and Dan Castellaneta.

"Humorous, poignant and more than a little experience not to be missed."

--The Los Angeles READER

"A superbly droll theatricalization of Pekar's world with several terrific actors...a perfect antidote to our nasty epoch."

--Los Angeles Times

"Dan Castellaneta gives an eminently convincing performance."

--Los Angeles Village View

"A clever and strangely insightful comedy..."

--Daily Variety

"A thoroughly entertaining theatre piece."

--Los Angeles Magazine